Archer (Digital drawing)

The software I’m using provide a time-lapse of the artwork that I draw. From this video, you can see how many mistakes and ‘trial and error’ I did in order to get the image that I envisioned. Initially, I was thinking of drawing the facial features as well but due to my lack of drawing skills, the face come out wrong and I make the choice to leave it the way it is. Hopefully, in the future I can work with this drawing again to make it a developed character. Also, the canvas was vertically flipped without my knowledge, so the last few seconds of the video is upside down.

Here is the end results of the artwork. I still have a Long way to go on drawing the fingers. The clothes folds and crease are also not as good. I hope this will be a learning point for my art hobby.

Procreate in IPad Pro with Apple Pencil


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